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Since 1992

Sandwich Delivery Vans

Our friendly drivers will deliver Monday to Friday to your office workplace door. We do a range of freshly prepared rolls, I get some sandwiches, wraps, hot rolls, pastries and cakes or produced by our own bakery in clean purpose-built vans cater for both hot and refrigerated food.

For your convenience they are reliable and flexible and will cater for your tastes plus being great value for money. We are happy to stop for hungry bear builders and meet your requirements.

Select from a wide range of sandwich fillings both hot and cold fresh produce pastors from our traditional pasty is to our Southern fried chicken Panini’s or look at our healthy eating options including fresh salad bowls plus fruit salads and a fresh fruit selection.

Snacks crisps and confectionary also available.

Do you have any special requests?

Just let a sandwich van driver know.

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"The staff are always friendly and happy to help"

- Lorraine Brown -

"The breakfast bap is superb"

- Darren Morley -

"Their cooked sandwiches are the best around"

- Steve Rowel -